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About Us

Family business by the sea

We are so happy that you have found us. Lilla havsbutiken, the "Little Sea shop", is a family business devoted to sustainability, health and marine life. We live by the ocean in Åsa in the north of Halland, where the rocks of Bohuslän and the sandy beaches of Skåne meet. 

With our springer spaniel called Harry, we walk by the sea every day. Lilla havsbutiken is a dream we have had for a long time and we are really happy to be able to do it as a family.

Magnus och Marie Lenngren i Lilla havsbutiken i Åsa
Magnus and Marie with Lilla havsbutiken at a market

How it started 

Our activity started off with Marie's book "Noriko på äventyr i tången" ("Noriko on adventures in the seaweed"), published in 2020. It was the first Swedish childrens' book about seaweed ever published.

Marie Lenngren med egna boken "Noriko på äventyr i tången"
Marie with her book "Noriko på äventyr i tången"

The shop

Once having started our web shop to sell the book, we developed it by becoming retailers of seaweed products from other family businesses along the west coast. Today, we have a wide array of sustainable, marine products from the Swedish west coast - both foods, books, soaps, crafts and art. Currently, we can send orders only with the borders of Sweden. We plan to open a little physical shop further ahead, so that we can welcome visitors to come by and see all our amazing products and chat about the ocean and sustainable foods. Every now and then, we attend markets and events selling products from our shop and spreading information about the ocean.

Magnus och Marie Lenngren i Lilla havsbutiken
Magnus and Marie with a selection of products from Lilla havsbutiken

Seaweed safaris, workshops and lectures 

In addition to our book and web shop, we also offer services concerning seaweed and marine life. Marie is a marine biologist, graduated with a MSc in Marine Ecology at the University of Gothenburg in 2005. Specialized in guiding, seaweeds and sustainable food from the ocean, Marie has a passion to spread her interest in this area. Today, we offer both seaweed safaris, workshops and lectures on demand to groups.  

Marie Lenngren med tång
Marie Lenngren at a seaweed safari

Our vision - to inspire

Our vision is to inspire people to learn more about the ocean. Our core values are ocean literacy, sustainable, local, small-scale and handicraft. Almost all our products are from sustainable family businesses located along the Swedish west coast.

We want to make a difference, together with you. For every order to the shop, we donate five Swedish kronor to the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.

Carefully selected products focusing on sustainability and the ocean

Our passion - seaweed

When you look through our shop and when you meet us, you will quickly realize that we have a great passion for seaweed. Seaweed can also be called macro algae and are large algae living in the ocean. Seaweed plays an immensely important role in the marine ecosystem. They also serve an increasing amount of purposes to humans, not only as foods but also as a source of energy, medicines, materials and fertilizers. By cultivating seaweed in the ocean, we can not only produce food in a sustainable way, we can also decrease both eutrophication and climate change, as well as increasing the biodiversity in the ocean.

sågtång i Lilla havsbutiken
Toothed wrack, one of our favourites and a common species here

Marie looking for different species of seaweed

Marie Lenngren vid havet i Lilla havsbutiken
A great day is a day by the ocean!

A warm welcome!

We are so happy that you have found us. We hope that you will find many exciting products and inspiration to explore the ocean. If you are interested in joining a seaweed safari or if you have any question, please contact us at info@lillahavsbutiken.se!

Havet vid Lilla havsbutiken
The ocean on one of our evening walks